If you are a Convention Exhibitor at one of our many featured convention centers, you may want to think twice before booking your accommodations. Most corporations will send their top executives to four and five star hotels, spending anywhere between $200/night and $400/night per rep. Each company sends at least 10 representatives to any given trade show. All in all each company will spend $2,000-$4,000 per night and most shows are at least 3 to 4 nights long. Which means it will cost them anywhere from $6,000-$16,000 per show in hotel accommodations alone.

We know most companies have travel budgets set aside for their corporate travel, and our job is to keep you well within the budget and cut costs tremendously. You can have better accommodations at a five star resort for almost half the price or even less! An average two bedroom timeshare unit that sleeps 6 rents at $2,500 in Orlando for the ENTIRE WEEK. That breaks down to $59/night per person. It’s a no brainer!

Browse our available inventory and call us to make an offer today!

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