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Vacations Digest provides the most economical options for you and your family by directing your search to the best source of availability, the owners of the units. If you are looking to purchase or rent a timeshare, we can help you find the unit that matches your needs. If you are currently an owner and are looking to sell, rent out, or both, our vacation specialists use state-of-the-art marketing and advertising tools to assist you.

We offer three forms of service:

Buy:    Arrow-Left

From first time buyers to those who wish to acquire more units/weeks, we help you find the best resort, location, and time for your family to enjoy the perfect vacation. (Ask about our corporate packages for your business travel needs)

Rent:   Arrow-Left

This option allows owners to rent out their units when they aren’t using them so they can raise money to cover expenses. Simultaneously, it allows vacationers to pay hotel pricing for an instant upgrade that will enhance your traveling experience.

Sell:     Arrow-Left

If you are an owner and decide you no longer wish to keep your unit, we will match you with an individual or a corporation that will gladly take it off your hands.